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Kaleidoscopic City Lights

Author: James Z. Carpio   Don’t get me wrong, I love the island life; the sands, swimming in the aquamarine waters and the scorching sun and...

A Choir of Birds

Author: James Z. Carpio If you go to the Plaza Quince Martires before the morning breaks you will be in for a pleasant surprise. There...

The Majestic Mount Mayon

Author: James Z. Carpio   A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far...

Naga’s coffee culture

Author: James Z. Carpio Back in the olden days if you wanted to have a cup of coffee it took a long process. You would...

The Joy of Waiting

Author: James Z. Carpio Like martial arts, waiting is an art. It is also a talent. With this in mind, it can therefore be developed....

Ten reasons why I love Naga

Auhor: James Carpio Providentially, I was born and raised in Naga City. But for school and work, I had to stay for eighteen years in...

How Much Currency Can I Bring into the Philippines

No permit or permition is required to bring in or take out currency from the Philippines.  However, foreign currency in excess of $10,000 carried...

Panicuason Hot Spring: Naga’s Hidden Paradise

Panicuason Hot Springs is about 40 minutes away from Naga’s center.  The road going there was uphill and we passed by small towns and...

Opening a Bank Account

I have been in the Philippines now for over twelve months and have looked at many banks for the purpose of finding a bank...

Naga: A little Europe

Author: James Z. Carpio Naga’s European transformation started hundreds of years ago. The city was established in 1575 on order of Spanish Governor-General Francisco de...

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