Kservico Naga City Kawasaki 200 ns

Hi, as most of you are aware, I have taken my Philippine driving test and passed. I was going to wait until I had saved enough money to buy the motorbike I wanted, but this would have taken me months, so I reluctantly decided to sell an item back in the UK to finance the purchase of my new motorbike, which has also given me some backup cash in case something goes wrong.


I had done much leg work around Naga City to find the right bike at the right price and just as I was loosing hope, I came across a company called Kservico, this company has been established for over 40 years and has branches all over the Philippines and boasts to be one of the biggest motorcycle dealerships in the Philippines. The staff were very friendly and helpful and a big plus for me, was the girl who dealt with my purchase, spoke good English.


The bikes comes with one years warranty/servicing excluding parts, free third party insurance and a free helmet. I have driven the bike for a week now and am very pleased with it’s build, style and performance, only time will tell about it’s reliability and build quality.

The motorcycle in the video, is exactly the same bike as the Rouser, it’s just been re-badged.

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