ATTENTION: Since this article was written the law has changed,you can no longer obtain a Philippine license while on a tourist visa unless you can prove that your stay will exceed more than one year,which obviously would contravene your tourist visa conditions.
Note, if you already have a full valid foreign driving license, you do not need to go through an LTO test, however, the law changed on November 9th, where by you are required to have been in the Country for one month and present proof you are staying for no less than one year. I wanted to experience the whole test procedure, from start to finish, so that is why I took the tests.
When you first enter the Philippines, you are allowed to drive for 90 days before you require a Philippine driving licence, which you obtain from the Land Transportation Office or LTO, the equivalent of the Driving Standards Agency back in the United Kingdom.

What do I need?

The only documents you need, are your passport and your ACR-I card along with your current address.
Now your ready to apply for your student permit, which is similar to a provisional license back in the UK and for this, all you need to do, is fill out the forms, present yourself for a medical and provide your Passport, with valid visa, ACR-i card, medical certificate and payment.

Day of your test’s 

After you receive your student license, you will have to wait one month before you can take your written and practical test, but don’t worry,  as these tests are very easy, however, if you fail either one, you have to wait another month, before you can retake the test’s. The written test consists of forty questions, thirty of which you need to get right, the driving test is just a drive around the test center with the examiner, just to see that you are of a reasonable standard.

You can hire a car and motor bike for around four hundred and fifty peso’s, but this price will vary depending on what part of the Philippines you live.

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