Visa requirements for entering the Philippines

So, you want to move or visit the Philippines, what is the requirements.

If you are a UK or US citizen, you are entitled to a 30 day free visa stay, however, you must have a outward bound ticket to prove you intention to leave., it does not matter when you exit ticket states you are going to leave, after 30 days you will have to pay for another 30 day extension, this will cost approximately 3250 Php. On your next extension you have to pay 500 Php for your ACR-I card, now at this point it is up to you if you extend you visa for 1 month, or up to 6 months.

If you decide to extend for 6 months, you will save around 5500 Php a very big saving. You can stay in the Philippines legally for up to 3 years on a tourist visa before you have to leave the Country, you can then re-enter the Philippines, however, you have to start all over again, when you return, but the good news is, your first 30 days is free again.

If you decide to marry a Filipino, you will only have to extend you visa every 12 months. The requirement to marry here if you have been divorced, is your original divorce certificate. Although it is argued that you do not need a police report I would recommend that you obtain one to show that you are of good character.

I hope this brief over view has helped, however if I have not mentioned something, or you have more relevant information, please drop me a message, so that I can keep this page up to date.

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