Panicuason Hot Springs is about 40 minutes away from Naga’s center.  The road going there was uphill and we passed by small towns and some resorts along the way.   The route actually reminded me of the road going to Mt. Arayat.  It was not far from Naga City and the air is fresh and the surrounding areas are clean.

Panicuason Hot Springs is one of the newest places frequented by tourists in Naga.  It is located in Mt. Isarog National Park in Barangay Panicuason.  It was early noon by the time we got there.   There are habal-habal (motorcycles) going to the resort for only P20 per head but we opted to walk and enjoy the sight.  According to the one of the drivers, the walk was around 1.3kms and is composed of uphill and very steep downhill paths.


The long walk was worth it though.  The cool air will keep you refreshed and the chorus of the birds and the stream is just really nice.  The hot spring resort was undoubtedly beautiful! A paradise tucked away in the middle of trees, wild ferns, with a stream of fresh water in the center.  The room was also nice and very modern, there were no TV, no internet, no phone signal (!), so all you get is nature in every sense of the word and it was okay.   The air is cool enough that air-conditioning is not really necessary.  The place was so quiet that all you hear is the drizzle of the stream, the chirping of birds, the flow of the water from the stream, and the whistle of the cold breeze.  This is the perfect place if you just want to detach yourself from everything.   Another good thing in Panicuason Hot Spring is the food.  It was the best tinolang manok that I had for a long time.  The adobo wasn’t so bad either.   Once we were settled, we decided to take a dip in the stream’s freezing cold water first.  According to some local kids, the water was from the variety of falls located on the upper part of the mountain.  The water was so cold my feet felt numbed with just a few minutes in it.  After that, we moved to the hot springs which were ideally divided according to different temperatures ranging from 29oC to 37oC.  It was super relaxing to the nth degree, so relaxing that it actually made me forget about the frustration I dealt in this place.   Frustration? Well yes, there were some.  Normally I wouldn’t even mention the bad stuff because I want to dwell on the good things instead of the bad.  But for the sake of the people who might be going here and who happen to read this, please anticipate the following: If you’re staying overnight, the entrance fee to the resort in exclusive from  the room rates.  The cafeteria that serves food is open until 6PM only even if they have overnight guests, so order early or buy extra food.

If you visit the Hot Springs, mention a Brit in the Philippines.

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  1. It’s also worth walking the trail to the top of the hill and the special pool (I forget the name) with panoramic views of the city and mountain top. The pool was empty and being renovated when we went but when complete, it will be amazing and offer fantastic reflections, I’m sure. There is an additional fee.


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