I have been in the Philippines now for over twelve months and have looked at many banks for the purpose of finding a bank with the least amount of conditions for a foreigner to open a bank account here in the Philippines. The three main banks here are, BDO, Metro Bank and BPI. After looking into to all the criteria that these banks insist on a foreigner to provide in order to open a bank account, I came to the conculsion that BDO is the better option for us to open a bank account.


What do I need to provide?

To open a savings account with BDO, where you will be given a debit card and access to there online banking, you need to provide the following.

1 your passport

2 your ARC-I card  which is your alien registration card, you have to be in the Philippines for Three months to get this card.

3 your address

your contact number


I did not just choose BDO for the ease of opening an account, but also because they have branches all over the Philippines and because they are owned by SM Malls, you are never too far away from an ATM.

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