Bicol food is one of the things you must try when you visit the Philippines. Bicol is well known for it’s  food,one of which is a coconut milk, or what they call “Gata” A lot of Bicol foods are mostly made up of coconut milk and chili peppers, so if you like hot and spicy food you will really enjoy Bicol dishes. Because of the vast amount of coconut plantations, most of their dishes are cooked with coconut milk.

One of the most famous foods here in Bicol is known as “Laing”. It is maid from the  taro leaf which is hung to dry upside down,then cut into small pieces and cooked in coconut milk and flavored with spicy chilli pepper, pork or dried fish, to bring out the flavor.

Bicol Express is probably the most popular Bicolano dish. The name of it came from the passenger train that goes from Manila to Bicol. Make sure you have plenty of water before sampling this dish, as you will need something to cool down the fire on the end of your tongue. Like other bicol dishes, it is made from coconut milk, chili peppers and cooked pork as the main ingredient.

For more than eight months of staying in the  Philippines, these are the two dishes I find really great. Watch out for more amazing dishes that you can only find in the Philippines on my future posts…




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