Author: James Z. Carpio

Like martial arts, waiting is an art. It is also a talent. With this in mind, it can therefore be developed. Children have a very short attention span. As we grow into maturity and wisdom, like fine wine, we become more patient.

Mastery of waiting can be achieved. We can become so good at it that we become lovers of the very act of waiting. Essentially, waiting is the practice of looking forward to a beginning or an end of an event no matter how trivial or great it may be.

Isn’t it exciting to wait for the birth of a baby or for a university graduation which is the end of formal schooling?

A series of events starts with the beginning of the new year. The changing of the seasons come to pass. The comings and goings of people in our lives and the commencement of occasions; Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and the end of the year.

The passage of time; seconds turn into minutes; hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades. Our life span depends on our own destiny and really it is all about waiting. Some even live more than a century. Rare, but the golden years can be a blessing. On birthdays, we always wish for a long life.

Did you ever notice how time flies when you are enjoying every moment of a particular endeavor? And when you are struggling it seems like time is eternity? The first romantic kiss seems like forever even if it was actually real quick while waiting in a hospital is nerve wracking.

There is that song that goes, “Memories, may be beautiful and yet, what’s too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget; So it’s the laughter we remember, whenever we remember the way we were.” Let us learn from the sorrows and treasure the joys.

How we wait either makes it boon or bane. It depends on us if we make it into an enjoyable experience or we choose to become impatient and abhor it. It is an ultimate choice that only we can make. Let’s face it, it is a part of life so we might as well embrace it with open arms, a quiet mind and a welcoming heart.

Waiting for the sunset on a beach can be a thrilling event. Watching the Manila Bay sunset at least once in your lifetime is a good must-do item in your bucket list. The enthralling touchdown of the sun on the sea waters in the horizon evokes such a wondrous feeling.

Waiting for the sunrise in any given day can be a momentous must-see spectacle in any place. The darkness slowly disappearing while the sun’s rays begin to glisten over the city or the countryside. The early morning sun kisses your skin and doesn’t burn but soothes like talcum powder. Your body actually needs it for vitamin D, and it simply makes you happy.

When you travel, you consequently do a lot of waiting. At the airport and other stations while expecting arrival or departure on a plane, on a train or riding a car or a bus and on board a ship: It can be hours on end, even a day or two.

If you are a seasoned traveler, the simplest thing to do is sleep. From your starting point, you close your eyes have a dream or two, and the moment you open your eyes you are at your destination, just like magic. Arrival at your destination is the best reward from a long and tiring trip. At this time, the weary traveler needs a good rest before launching into the next adventure.

International travel on planes can be the longest trip anyone can embark on. Almost over ten million Filipinos who work, study or travel overseas know and can relate to this.

On a jet plane, right in front of your seat is a small but fairly ample-sized television screen. You can watch a good selection of movies and TV shows, play video games and listen to music using a headset. There’s the usual in-flight magazine you can read or ask for a newspaper from the friendly flight attendant. The meals with the airline food breaks the monotony and the wine makes the whole adventure more savory and enjoyable.

The airline companies make sure you enjoy waiting for your trip to end and it has become an extremely competitive industry.

One of the most relaxing city lifestyle events is waiting at a coffee shop. You sip your beverage and see the world pass by. Even if you do nothing just being there is the most inspiring situation to become creative and then begin writing or dream of something. Many literary masterpieces were crafted by Philosophers/Writers at cafés while drinking something hot or cold al fresco.

We always have great expectations or excitement when waiting for something new. It can be any gift for any occasion. Unwrapping presents brings back childhood delights on an early Christmas morning. Whatever it may be, like a new pet, job, car, business, house, friend or family. Even simple things like a new movie, gadget, c.d., or book can be truly worth the wait.

Here in the Pilgrim City of Naga, Bicolandia, the Philippines and the world, we wait for one grand celebration. When September comes, Naga becomes filled with exhilaration and jubilation as the Feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia begins. And this Friday, the Traslacion will take place and officially the celebration starts. The waiting is finally over.

As we observe the solemn rites, traditions and festivities, let us take part in a deeper Spiritual involvement in the Catholic Sacraments like Confession, the Holy Mass and reception of the Holy Communion. Our hearts have been waiting fervently for this wonderful occasion, let us welcome Ina and her Son, our Lord Jesus, in our lives as we keep the light burning and immortalized in our souls forever.


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