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The first advice is to purchase and invest on a durable pair of running shoes. That is all the equipment that you would need in doing the succeeding exercises. These variations start from a leisurely walk, brisk walking, jogging and running. For the advanced individuals doing sprints is another option. All of these game plans are going to be executed outdoors. Another important safety reminder, head towards oncoming vehicles close to your lane so that you would have a vantage point in avoiding untoward collision.

Early morning, around five o’ clock, is one of the best times to do these aforementioned exercises. There are very minimal vehicles plying major thoroughfares thus it is much safer and there are least distractions. The city lights are still illuminated and the weather is coolest at this time. Furthermore, there is an abundance of like-minded people during these moments. Finally, the pinnacle of ending the journey is watching the magnificent sunrise as you begin a new day with a positive start for a healthy mind, body and spirit. It is more fun exercising in Naga City indeed.

Here are eight recommended tracks in random order where you can engage in strenuous exercise for physical conditioning and enjoy the surroundings simultaneously:

(If you are unfamiliar with these vicinities please do ask around for directions or search on the internet for the map of Naga City.)

  1. Olympian Spirit Spectacle

Metro Naga Sports Complex in Barangay Pacol has a track oval. This is for the professional athletes and the amateurs alike. The backdrop is the enchanting Mount Isarog. The quality of the track is smooth and superb. It makes you glide and run much faster.

  1. The Modern Terrain

The second option is at Naga’s biggest mall. It has an ample circumference long enough to work up a sweat. The mall opens mid-morning so it is like an isolated and deserted exercise mecca. You can concentrate on doing your exercise in the enclosed, gated space of the gigantic mall.

  1. Old World Charm Scenery

The historic Naga Metropolitan Cathedral is a quaint spot for its well-lit grounds and manicured lawns with doves flying and perching on trees while you exercise. There are many people who frequent this place and visit the church to meditate and say a little prayer or two afterwards.

  1. A Solemn Place

Peñafrancia Basilica Minore has been one of the favorite sites where people flock to get a runner’s high. The grounds are expansive and it also has a view of Mount Isarog. You can visit ‘Ina’ and whisper your petitions in prayer. The exterior/interior architectural style and the stained glass windows are a sight to behold in themselves.

  1. Park View

Centro is like a tour in the park. A few parks actually, where you start at Plaza Quince Martires, move on to Plaza Quezon, continue to Plaza Rizal, pass along Plaza de Nueva Caceres and finish at Plaza Barlin. Moreover, there is a group of people who follow an organized aerobic exercise program at Plaza Quezon.

  1. Cityscape

The Magsaysay Avenue/ Panganiban Drive/ Peñafrancia Avenue Loop is just an easy route to take and soak in the City atmosphere for those coveted endorphins or the feel good chemicals that constant motion produces in the brain.

  1. Suburban Landscape

Bagumbayan Street. The southern and northern parts are a long stretch where you can have a worry- free playground. This major road ends at the intersection in Taculod Road. This area is a residential place where people are still sound asleep before waking up for school/work or their own personal agenda for the day.

  1. Mountain Panorama

Pacol Road/ Carolina Road/ Panicuason Road Route will take you towards the Mount Isarog slope. If you are a little adventurous you can hike on a mountain trail and perhaps see the falls. The weekend is the best time to do this or on tour/vacation.

As far as I am concerned, I do a few of these itineraries at different days accordingly. This is because it can get monotonous if you keep doing the same route every single day and I do exercise every day. But even if you are a weekend warrior or exercise only during Saturday and Sunday it can get robotic too. These options give you a choice to make your physical regimented activities exciting and invigorating every time. There are other tracks as well like inter-city marathons but these particular ones keep you close to the city. Time and proximity are the essential advantages that you can gain from trying out these most scenic exercise spots in Naga City.


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