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My Naga: A postcard from a local

Author: James Z. Carpio After more than two years of writing for Bicol Mail, I have become a certified writer. Yes, I have to admit...

Naga’s weekend leisure pursuits

Author:  James Z. Carpio Finally, I take breaks now when doing my exercise program. I always used to do my training daily over a period of...

Lost in Two Cities

Author: James Z. Carpio They just came from the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral and they found themselves lost in the middle of the City of Naga....

The Joy of Waiting

Author: James Z. Carpio Like martial arts, waiting is an art. It is also a talent. With this in mind, it can therefore be developed....

Kaleidoscopic City Lights

Author: James Z. Carpio   Don’t get me wrong, I love the island life; the sands, swimming in the aquamarine waters and the scorching sun and...

The Majestic Mount Mayon

Author: James Z. Carpio   A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far...

A walk to centro, imported Cheese and Mangoes

Author: James Z. Carpio   How are we today? This I customarily ask our guest who hails all the way from Europe. Oftentimes, after his walk...

A City of Dreams

Author: James Z. Carpio   She looked forlorn. “I didn’t get the job.” My friend said almost breaking into tears. “They hired someone else who is...

A Choir of Birds

Author: James Z. Carpio If you go to the Plaza Quince Martires before the morning breaks you will be in for a pleasant surprise. There...

Naga’s Sweepers: They keep our city clean

By: James Z. Carpio   "Prefiero ser lampazero a ser la cabeza de su jerarquia cismatica." – Bishop Jorge Barlin   In 1902, the First Filipino Bishop of...